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Arapahoe County Location Information
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  Whan you use this app to locate a parcel in Arapahoe County, that parcel's geographic center, or "centroid" is used to determine the districts and jurisdiction it falls within.  This is a simple method to quickly determine a parcel's district information.  As a rule, parcels should rarely fall within more than one jurisdiction, precinct, or district type.
  A "situs address" is simply a fancy name for an address on the site of the parcel you have selected.  For a majority of parcels in the county such as single family residences there is only one address per parcel.  For others however, such as multi-family units or commercial properties, there can be multiple situs adressess on a parcel.  This app however does not display multiple situs addresses.
  If a parcel has more than one situs address, only the first record found in the Assessor's database is returned.  This address is not necessarily the "primary" one for the parcel nor should it be construed as such.  It is simply the first randomly returned address.
  Determining what areas are served by which schools is done by obtaining data directly from county member school districts whenever possible.  While every effort is made to ensure this information is accurate, school service areas can change frequently, and any questions or concerns over what school serves the address or parcel ID input should be directed to the school district of record.
  This location's school district will be displayed as the first link available.
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