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Arapahoe County's resource locator

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Welcome to ArapaSOURCE, the Arapahoe County Human Services app for finding resources closest to you

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Phone-Only Info

Some resources may not have a physical address from which they assist clients.  Others may have their locations hidden to protect those they serve.  Or some only have a PO Box listed as their address

Because is is not possible to show such locations on a map, these providers are available as a list of names and phone numbers.


To access your location within a browser it is necessary to open this map in a separate secure page, or you may enter your address manually in the top search bar.
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Phone-Only Locations

    Some resources may not have a physical address from which they assist clients.  Others may have their locations hidden to protect those they serve.  Or some only have a PO Box listed as their address

    Because is is not possible to show such locations on a map, these providers are available as a list of names and phone numbers.

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What is ArapaSOURCE? Quick Start Guide Add a Resource to ArapaSOURCE
Leave feedback on ArapaSOURCE
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Resource Corrections

    ArapaSOURCE works best when the resources it provides are up to date and accurate.  While every effort is made to ensure this, if you see something amiss, please let us know!

    If you are a resrouce provider and don't see your services listed in ArapaSOURCE, please use the Add Resource button below.  You will be guided through a few steps to define and add your resources to ArapaSOURCE.

    If you just see something wrong; perhaps a bad phone number, address, or maybe a resource hat simply doesn't exist anymore, please use the Correct or Comment button to send us an email with your thoughts or corrections.

Add a Resource to ArapaSOURCE
Correct or Comment on an Existing Resource

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Quick Start

    1.  To enter your location, enter an address in the search bar above the map. You may also tap anywhere on the map to roughly select a location.

    2.  The Resource list to the left of the map will activate; select the the number of resources you want to see, and type of resource you are searching for.

    3.  Icons will appear on the map showing the closest resources to your location. Tap on any icon to see the location name, address and phone number

    4.  When resources are displayed on the map you may email their information by tapping the "Send me a copy of these resources" button at the bottom of the map.

    5.  Some resources have no physical address, or are hidden for the privacy or security of their clientele. They will appear as "Phone-only" resources, and are accessible using the "View phone-only resource" button at the bottom of the map.

Add to ArapaSOURCE

    Are you a resource provider? Are your services not listed within ArapaSOURCE, or do you feel they need correction?  We would love to hear from you!

    You may use the following pages to enter information on resources to add to ArapaSOURCE.  First, you will be asked for your info so we can contact you in case of any questions.  After that you may enter information for each of tour resources in the form provided.  If you simply wish to leave a comment or correction on a resource, Tap here to email us.

    All submissions to ArapaSOURCE will be vetted by Arapahoe County Human services personnel.  If you wish to add to ArapaSOURCE you will need to provide contact information so you may be contacted with any questions we may have, and to get status on your submission.

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Contact Info

    We will use this information to contact you if there are any questions or concerns regarding the resources you wish to add.

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Resource Info

    Enter as much information as possible for your resource. If you have more than one to add, press Send when done entering information and you will have the option to repeat this page to enter another.


Resource Submitted

We are in receipt of your interest in adding a program or service to the ArapaSOURCE online database.  We appreciate your interest in wanting to share this with residents of Arapahoe County.

Submissions are reviewed on a biweekly basis.  You will be contacted by a member of the review team to verify contact, eligibility and services information.  Upon completion of the review you will be notified if your program/service is or is not being added to the database.

You may continue entering more resources, or press Done to finish.

Enter your resource's full address.  After entering an address here it will be verified against Google's address library and adjusted as necessary.  If your resource has no physical address or you do not wish for it to be displayed on the map, leave this field blank.
Enter a phone number where clients may reach your resource.  If this resource has no public phone number leave this field blank.
Enter the Internet address for your resource's website, if one exists.  It is not necessary to include a leading "http://"
This is a free form field to enter pertinent information about your resource such as hours open, special conditions for assistance, etc.  Any information entered here will be displayed in your resource's info page.
Enter your resource's name as you would like to see it in ArapaSOURCE.  Please try to avoid extremely long names and obscure acronyms if possible.

What is ArapaSOURCE?

    ArapaSOURCE is Arapahoe County's site for quickly connecting citizens with the resources they need.

    Using an address you enter, ArapaSOURCE will provide a list of nearest resources in eighteen different categories.  Resources listed within ArapaSOURCE provide names, phone numbers and addresses and extended location information if available.

    Please refer to the included help pages within ArapaSOURCE to learn how to use it to its fullest.

Finding Your Location

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    Type your address in the search bar at the top of the map. As you type, matching addresses within the county will appear below your entry. If you see your address in the list, click it to zoom to it. Otherwise, type in the full street address and press Return to locate it.

    You may also tap anywhere on the map. If no location has been set via a previous address search, the location you tap will become your starting search location.

Return To Map

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Closest Resources

    After you have found your address, the list of available resources on the left side of the map will become active.  From that list, select the type of resource you are looking for.

    You may use the slider at the top of the resource list to determine how many resources are returned by the search.  Resources are filtered by their closeness to your location based the drive time to each one.

    Resource icons will appear on the map showing the nearest resources to your location.  Resources provided by Arapahoe County will be displayed with a county logo:

    Click on any resource icon to see its name, address, and phone number and other supporting information.

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How to Share Resource Info

    Once you have located resources nearest to you, it is possible to share those resoures as a list of names, addressess and other data.

    After resources are found and displayed on the map, a button will appear at the bottom of the map:

    This button will compile the information of all resources on the map as well as the "Phone-only" ones into a text file, and open a window where you can enter an email address you wish to send the list to.

    You may also share the information for one resource at a time.  When you tap on a resource on the map, the information window that appears will have an "Email Resource Info" link at the bottom right. Tap it, and the process for filling out and sending the resource as an email is the same as above.

Driving Directions

    After you have found your location and the nearest community resources, click on the icon for any resource.

    In the pop-up window, click on “Get Driving Directions.” Step-by-step driving directions will appear in a panel to the left of the map.

    Click the button at the top of the panel to open the driving directions in your device’s primary mapping app or website, such as “Open in Google Maps.” (Note: Using phone app for directions may result in a different route, and will always start from your physical location)

    To close the step-by-step driving directions, click on the map. To re-open them, click on the map again while the driving route is displayed on the map.