Septic System Lookup

Using this app, you may search for premitted septic systems throughout Arapahoe County.  Enter a known septic owner's name, a permit number, or the address of a septic site.  Any matched records will display as a list of selectable options.  Select one and the map will zoom to and highlight that record.

Information on the highlighed record will display below the map. If a permit has attachments such as scanned documents, there will be an attachment icon in the "Doc" column.  Click on that icon to download attachmens for the septic record.  Records with no attachments will display this icon.

To search for permitted septic sites around an arbitrary address, enter it in the address search bar on the map.  The found address will be highlighted on the map and any septic systems around it will be displayed.  You may click on any septic site on the map to retrieve further information on it.

You may hold down the Ctrl key and click on the map to search for septic permits within approximately ¼ mile of the point on the map
Owner Name

Permit ID

Septic Address on File